Day 13: Invite #write31days

“May I sit up there with you?” I asked my Mom.  She moved the pillow from beside her and I took my shoes off and shifted my way up on her hospital bed until we were sitting side by side.  We locked arms and we tilted our heads until they were touching and we lay back against the propped up bed and closed our eyes and rested.  A PSW came in to change the garbage and sweetly commented about the two of us and asked if I wanted a picture of us.  Of course I said, yes.

A little while later, after another ten or fifteen minutes, Mom started rummaging in her table drawer.  She produced a large Dairy Milk chocolate bar.  She pulled over the tissue box and grabbed one for my lap and then hers.  And finally, she broke off a square of the chocolate and put it on the tissue on my lap.  “Cheers,” she said as she touched her square with mine.

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