Day 8: Truth #write31days

There were many truth things that my Mom said in her remaining months.  Some were serious, and some were totally out there.  Some caught me off-guard and some made me outright laugh.

Maybe a week or so before my Mom passed, I had been up visiting her and we had gone outside to enjoy the garden behind the hospital building.  After touring all the pathways, avoiding the goldenrod, and inspecting each plant that we would’ve normally passed by, we went up to the chapel on her floor and sat side by side in silence.  I gave her a hug, like a small child would their Mom, and she said, “You know… You and your sister aren’t so always great with your grammar.”  I couldn’t help to contain my laughter, and she simply said, “Well, it’s true!”

I will forever wonder if my sentence structure is correct and whether it’s supposed to be “me” or “I.”  My gentle grammatically correct Mom.

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