update on flooding: waters receding

I thought you might be interested to see some updated pictures from the flooding at my office. Fortunately the water never got beyond the sandbags that were protecting the first floor – only the underground parking garage suffered.

Photo by: Neel R.  Taken on September 30th, 2011
On October 3, 2011 – pumping water out of the underground parking garage.

Even though the water has receded from many of the flooded areas of Chiang Mai, there are still a lot of places with a foot or two of water.  This is just outside my office, outside the west wall.  The boy on the left-hand side of the picture is throwing his chicken up into the tree since there’s no place for the chicken to be in his yard.

Please keep praying for the flooding in Thailand.  Many parts of central Thailand have been flooded with very high water for more than a month! 

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