an “old friend”

I am marrying such a romantic – and I love it!  [But love him even more so :)]

On the way up to Chiang Rai on Thursday, Wee would periodically pull off the road so we could visit a relative of his, or point in the direction of a house we were passing saying that a cousin or uncle or auntie lived there.  So when he pulled over to do a u-turn and said that he was stopping off to visit an old friend I thought we were visiting an old friend of his.

I am so gullible.

We stopped.  He parked in front of someone’s driveway.  We both got out.  He went to where the old man was selling flowers and bought some lilies and another kind of flower and had the man wrap them up in newspaper.  Then he handed them to me and, smiling, said, “an old friend.”

My fiance has bought me flowers regularly throughout our dating history.  He claims he’s not very romantic but I emphatically say otherwise.  🙂

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