6.9 earthquake in Eastern Burma

You may have heard or read about the 6.9 earthquake in Burma that happened earlier this evening.  The epicenter was in Shan State of Burma, a little further north than Mae Sai, Thailand, but it was felt broadly. 

Here in Chiang Mai, I didn’t really realise it was an earthquake.  I did hear noises on the roof and outside but I thought a windstorm was starting up.  And my front door (which was open because just the screen door was shut) was banging a bit back and forth, but again I thought it was just the wind.

Friends in Chiang Rai and Mae Sai felt it much stronger.  A friend futher away in SW China even felt the earthquake. 

Please pray for those affected by the earthquake.  Not sure how many casualties there will be – hopefully not many.

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