making “toe naow” (fermented soya bean patties)

Thai-yai food often has a special ingredient added to dishes: ‘toe naow’ (which are fermented soya bean patties). Some friends in NPJT were making ‘toe naow’ on the weekend.

I’m not sure what they did to make the ‘toe naow’ balls that you see in the first set of pictures. My guess is that they would soak the soya beans for awhile and let them ferment?, drain the water at some point in the process and form them into balls… I should find out. Anyhow, here are some pics from the patty making process.

One thought on “making “toe naow” (fermented soya bean patties)

  1. Lori says:

    Hey Beth! Awesome pictures! Glad that you got to spend some time with them in Npjt. Pi Toh told me that they boil the beans for a while and then let them sit for a few days(?)and then roll them into the balls.

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