random picture from Pai

A friend from home who was living and working in Australia has been visiting me and helping me pack for the last week. On Monday we went to Pai to look for a location for my team’s retreat next month. Here is a random picture from Pai. I think that the sign says “forget me not” in Thai phonetics. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong – if you can! Ha! Sorry. Anyhow, here I am as a long-neck Karen person – just one of the other many people groups that live in the area.

One thought on “random picture from Pai

  1. Crystal says:

    Love the pic! Hilarious…is that really you??? I think you would look good as a long necked woman! And, I think you are right on the sign…sure looks like “Forget me not”…and as you will hear as you prepare to leave, everyone will say that to you…”yaa lewm, na kha!”
    love yah…

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