2 thoughts on “Lent

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beth,First of all how are Parker and Peyton? I am still praying for them.and yes, Lent is a special time. giving something up really does help you to focus more on the Lord because you remember on a regular basis why you gave something up…to concentrate on the Lord and to remember all that He did for you, especially dying for you.I too have given something up…eating in between meals, which may seem silly to some but for me that is a huge battle. We can pray for each other.love to you in Christ,helenH (Paul’s mom)

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Helen! Thank you so much for praying for Peyton and Parker! They’re hanging in there. I think that the doctors have been careful not to give false hope to Shaun and Kelly about their sons but from what I last heard, the doctors are now saying that they think both boys will pull through. I’ll write another update soon. Please keep praying!

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