home! (in Thailand)

Just wanted to thank you all for praying! Yesterday we flew back into Thailand through Suvarnabhumi Airport. We were able to use the tickets we’d originally bought and we couldn’t have asked for better traveling! Our bags arrived with us and lines through customs were short, allowing us to be able to then have enough time to check in again and fly up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. I’m amazed how God directed this trip and how His timing was perfect not just in this trip back to Thailand but in many other instances. It’s very encouraging.

4 thoughts on “home! (in Thailand)

  1. Susanz Place says:

    bumped into your blog today and have spent the past 45min reading and enjoying it greatly – what a beautiful journey our Lord has you on – may you feel His ever present Hand in your life this day.Keep Chasing Righteousness, susan

  2. Crystal says:

    beth,glad you are back safe and sound and so happy to hear you encountered no problems! Praise God!Will you be heading to BKK anytime soon?Love to see you…

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks Susan for your kind words and encouragement! Thanks for visiting my blog!Crystal – I’m not sure when I’m next planning to go to BKK but I will let you know! 🙂 Miss you all! Hope at least one more visit works out before we both leave Thailand for a year. 🙂

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