potential liberation (aka mobile phone tower construction taking place in my village)

O happy day! As I drove out of my village today, to head into town, I noticed that a mobile phone tower was being put up! A mobile phone tower! In my village!

Do you understand what this means??? Do you understand how liberating this is???

No more standing in one place upstairs (don’t even THINK about being downstairs!) to talk on the phone. No more spending the majority of the phone conversation saying either, “Can you hear me now? How about now?” (as we move to various “good signal locations” around the upstairs of our house) or “Can you say that again? I couldn’t understand you.” No more sounding like a robot to the person on the other end of the conversation. No more having to walk down the street in order to get “really good signal.”

Normal phone conversations may soon be heading our way! Unless… unless it’s a dtac tower instead of 1-2-Call… That truly would be disappointing.

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