from Joel and Renee’s blog

Emily Grace, my friends’ daughter, went on to be with Jesus on Wednesday, June 11.

Please keep Renee and Joel, as well as Joshua and Rachel, in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their beloved little girl and sister.

From their blog :

“Good-bye Emily Grace – We love you. You came through surgery yesterday, but this morning your heart gave out. We watched you drift away under the hands of the doctors and nurses who croweded your room. We wept at your departure, sliding our hands under your lifeless body. Jesus holds you now. We finally got to see your face and hold you close, but the warmth had left you. For hours we held you and let the waves of grief crash over us. Don’t worry – we still believe in the One into whose face you gaze. He never left us either. We came back in the evening with your brother and sister and grandmother. I know it sounds crazy but we drove around the hospital seven times, singing praises, preparing to petition for your life again. We know Jesus could have restored your life – He knows how. We asked him to, but in the end we had to let you go and say good-bye. We love you. You are beautiful. We’ll see you again someday.”

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