crazy wind

Strong wind is not something I generally see much of where I live, but yesterday and today we’ve had very strong winds in the area. I drove some Thai-yai brothers and sisters home from the annual believer’s conference this afternoon and as we passed through Huay Pha we saw all sorts of trees blown over, roofs gone from some structures and signs that had fallen or bent from the wind.

After we arrived in NPJT, I visited some friends there for a little bit and we could hear ‘popping’ sounds in the distance. My foreigner friend, who used to live in that village and who was visiting the area, told me as we heard the popping that that was the sound of a fire coming closer. She wasn’t sure if it was the bamboo or the banana trees or what that made that sound but I guess she was familiar with hearing it from her time in the village, years ago. So we went to investigate and saw that not too far away there was a fire approaching on a nearby hill. Fire + crazy wind = not good. So please pray. I left NPJT to be able to call the owners of the house my friend and her husband are staying in (there was no mobile reception) but ended up seeing the owners on my way out of NPJT. And I can’t get through now to know how things are looking. So I would appreciate prayers for them and others living close to them. Thanks!

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