end of hiatus

I am at the tail end of my vacation time this month. Today I finally looked at my blog again (having sort of avoided it for weeks) and realised that this was the longest hiatus that I’ve ever had in blogging. I think. Not that it really matters. But I’m back – not fully though as I’m not quite ready to finish my vacation. My phone is still on silent (screening my calls) and I am on a very weird sleeping schedule (due to jet lag) and my brain is apparently functioning not quite properly (forgetting more English words than normal or saying very odd things at odd times (I answered the phone today with “yes?” – who does that???!!!) and I’m more clumsy than normal). So no – not quite back from vacation yet. But I’m alive (in case you were wondering) and will get back to blogging again soon. Hope you’ve had a good March!

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