feedings… of sorts

Today was the first time that I preached in Thai-yai! Praise the Lord for all His help! I was in NPJT teaching the believers there. I think it went okay. I was super nervous to begin with but that faded away. So thank you to all of you who were praying for me!!!! I appreciate it! I was really excited about the message that the Lord had lead me to give so I pray that there would be much fruit as a result in the lives of the believers there.

I didn’t post a photo of me preaching because I wasn’t smiling or looking very happy in ANY of them (hmm…). So for a post-preaching photo I chose the one above where I’m feeding Nong Ongh some rice snack thing that people were handing out in NPJT today. I felt like I was feeding a little bird the way her mouth kept popping open, hungry for more tasty rice goodness.

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