more bugs

Here are two more lovely bugs for you. The first one pictured was at A and S’s house. Early on in the week, A had mentioned how they’d had a bug at their house that chomped a hole in a bamboo pole about 1.5 cm in diameter! They thought they’d gotten rid of it but apparently not! The following day I had to drop by their house and I was able to see for myself how this bug was able to make a large-ish hole in bamboo. Very scary I must say. It’s pretty though, isn’t it? I have no idea what it’s called. I showed this picture to some friends who were helping out at the kids camp this week and they said if this type of bug bites you, it’ll really hurt. Go figure.

The second bug pictured here is a “praying mantis.” We haven’t had too many of these around our house but they do show up from time to time. They’re quite large and a little intimidating – even though they are green.

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