2 thoughts on “rainbow over Mae Hong Son

  1. Crystal says:

    what a beautiful sight and reminder of God’s promises! I am also impressed with the trench digging…you are turning into a regular “mountain mama!” I love it and I also miss you. Hope all is going well with the team from YWAM. You’re in my prayers.

  2. My Thai Tales says:

    God keeps his promises yeah : ) what hopeJust been to a conference this week about focussing on the Hope that we have.Someone was talking about how God cares for individuals, do you ever get a bit frustrated by all the names in the Bible! I do but as this guy pointed out God cares for people. It struck me how amazing th book of Ruth is in the middle of Judges and 1 Samuel there is a story about a girl. In the midst of pretty random circumstances and by a fairly unsual way God provides for Ruth. What’s going on in our individual lives matters to God – that just really encouraged me – hope it encourages you too : )

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