smog, smoke and other things that make it hard to breathe

We are still having the huge problem of smog and smoke in Mae Hong Son area. Many of you know that I’m originally from S.W. Ontario so I’m used to air quality warnings in the news but this is beyond ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced. I don’t really know if it is any worse but the hard part is that we don’t really have anywhere to get relief from it. We don’t have a normal house with glass windows and what not. We can’t just shut ourselves inside and breathe easily. Faye has been sick for several days and I have not been feeling so well myself – this afternoon has been one of the worst for me. So please pray for us and for everyone affected by the smoke/smog. Pray that we’d get some good rain, even though it’s not really common for this time of year. Apparently the forest fires in Burma are really bad, and that’s only adding to our problem here.

One thought on “smog, smoke and other things that make it hard to breathe

  1. Eileen C. says:

    Hey Beth. Thank God you don’t need to battle other severe respiratory health issues on top of all that smog! I hope you and your roomies feel better soon – god speed!

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