bamboo worms/grubs

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bamboo worms/grubs, originally uploaded by squeth.

Don’t be too grossed out. I was really scared to try one of these things but it turns out they’re okay. They were deep fried and a lot of salt was added. What did they taste like? Nothing really. Salty. That’s about it. They were really crunchy and I think that helped. If they were soft and squishy I don’t think I could’ve done it.

2 thoughts on “bamboo worms/grubs

  1. Nixter says:

    I found your site on the blogger templates website while looking for a new backgroud but it looks like you didn’t keep the background, any reason why not??

  2. Beth says:

    I had problems with the images (ie. where they were being hosted or something) – the bandwidth wasn’t large enough – and I didn’t know how really fix it. And it just seemed easier not to have it, which was a shame because I liked that template.

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