fish bowl

I live in a fish bowl. If you were wondering what living in a small
village was like, it's like living in a small fish bowl.

Some girls were over yesterday late afternoon again. They had banged
on the door while I was napping earlier in the afternoon and were
calling out to me. They watched me type e-mails with great interest.
They asked what the empty ant trap was and I explained to them by
showing the one half full that other ants were busy at. Then they
watched me make mashed potatoes (my “Thanksgiving Day dish”). They
watched me make some other food and giggled as I tried to explain what
it was. They laughed as I tried to speak Thai and Thai-yai. Around
5:45pm another little girl showed up and then all of them took off to
eat at their homes.

At 6:45pm I sat down to try to study a bit and my neighbour came by to
visit. She lives about 6 houses down the lane and asked me if I had an
ant problem.

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