This is the “Seven” (as they like to call it in Thailand) near my language school. This is where I pay my bills, buy my phone card and internet cards, bread and snacks.

Working at 7-11 in has never really appealed to me. I know it’s an honest job and all but… However, this particular Seven store makes working at Seven look like a really great job. It’s made me think, “if I were a Thai uni student, maybe I’d want a job here.” They play popular Thai pop music fairly loudly in the store. Not only do they have air-con but they turn it WAY down so it’s unbelievably cold. They recently added an extensive magazine, book, cd, vcd and dvd section to the store – it’s more than just your local convenience store. And the staff look like they’re always having a good time. I’ve even seen some of them hanging out in the store on their days off! I’m not planning on changing my profession any time soon, but in case you are… maybe look into moving to Thailand just to work at this Seven in Lopburi, near the bus station.

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