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  1. journeyer says:

    Beth, I found your site in a rather odd way. I was looking for a new template form my blog, read a comment you had written about a particular template, and decided to look at your template and subsequently your blog. I am so glad I found it!I am a believer as well, interested in missions (which it looks like you are doing). It is exciting for me to read about your language studies and the ministry you are having there. How exciting! I am preparing to be an ESL/ EFL teacher to adults, and to be a missionary with my husband.

  2. The Adamses says:

    Hi Beth!We finished homeschooling last week so I have a little time this week to catch up on things — like friends!! 🙂 Taking guitar lessons sounds so fun!! Does your teacher speak only Thai? Well, have fun practicing — I think that’s what music is mostly about so enjoy it!We thought we had out summer planned – to start learning Lahushi – but last week Larin didn’t pass his language check for our organization so now we are waiting to see what the language project advisor says. There are lots of other things that could be done this summer but it seemed like the language learning was the best thing — so we will see how God directs us.Hang in there with the language learning!In Christ,Pam

  3. Beth says:

    Journeyer – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading through bits of my blog. That’s cool about your’s and your husband’s plans to teach ESL/EFL. Very frequently I get asked if I’m an English teacher. Recently one guy actually drove his motorbike in front of my bicycle and made me stop, in order to ask me this question! There’s a huge thirst for English in many countries. Do you think you’ll learn the local language when you go?

  4. Beth says:

    Pam! Good to hear from you! Just yesterday I was talking with somebody about the Monday morning breakfasts you guys used to host. I miss you guys! Not just because of the pancakes and coffee. And not just because of Grant or Seth stories. 🙂That must be discouraging for Larin about the language exam. 🙁 When can he take it again? I’ll be in CM in August, so hopefully see you then.

  5. Beth says:

    Oh – about our guitar teacher… He’s from Singapore so he mostly speaks English – at least to us. We did learn some Thai songs last week though.

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