“milk shake” anyone?

A popular place to hang out in town is at the local milk bar or sometimes called milk cafe. At such a place, you’ll find a variety of milk based drinks that have been mixed in a blender with ice and other flavouring. My preferred choice at the place seen in the picture is the oreo ‘milk shake’ with chocolate mixed in it. Down by the train station, at the hawker’s stands there, I would order the banana ‘milk shake’ with milo (think chocolate) and an oreo cookie mixed in it as well.

To eat at the milk bar seen in the picture, you can order bread with butter and chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk on top. A tad strange if I were in Canada, but in Thailand… it’s becoming more normal to me.

Another important ingredient to add to the evening is some good friends. I met Ann and A at my church and we’ve met up here a few times already. They want me to teach them to knit, so we’ll see how that goes… Anyway, if you come visit, I’ll take you to a milk bar. 🙂 Your experience in Thailand won’t be complete without it.

One thought on ““milk shake” anyone?

  1. Jen says:

    I guess that would be as close as we could get to a Timmy’s Iced Cap. Random mention here…I was looking for sweetened condensed milk at the grocery store yesterday (for Christmas baking) but couldn’t find any. Staff Christmas party tonight!Peace, Jen

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