can’t get enough of that “yam wun sen”

I know what you’re thinking. “Not another post about food!” Well, it
can’t be helped.

So I’ve recently discovered a new favourite Thai dish. It’s called
“yam wun sen” (tones: mid, high, falling – match up with each word),
and I’m not really sure what it translates to. It’s a Thai salad with
glass noodles, some veggies (cilantro, green onion, can’t recall what
else), peanuts, a lime and fish sauce type of sauce and some small
peppers to add a good amount of spice. You can add pork (“muu” with
rising tone), or chicken (“guy” with low tone), or perhaps some
mushrooms (sorry, I haven’t learned this one yet) instead of meat.
About two weeks after I’d been introduced to this dish, my Thai teacher
told me that you’re actually meant to eat it over rice. I’d just been
eating it by itself. With or without rice, it’s “aroi maak” (tones:
mid, falling) (very tasty).

The hard thing with having a new favourite dish, is not to over order
it. That’s just the worst – when you eat it too often and it quickly
becomes the last thing you would even think about ordering. Hopefully
I soon develop some more favourite dishes so I don’t overdo this one.
Any suggestions?

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