forming sentences

These last few days, I feel as if I’m unable to communicate in English or Thai. What’s wrong?! Honestly, forming sentences has never been more difficult for me. Is this normal? I think it must be to some extent. Somebody I know, told me that when they were learning French in Montreal, one on one, it was such an intense experience that they developed a stuttering problem… which eventually went away, but a stuttering problem nonetheless. So far I haven’t developed a stuttering problem, but my inability to communicate is frustrating, although sometimes amusing.

Like anything else and anywhere else I suppose, there are good and bad days.

One thought on “forming sentences

  1. Jen says:

    Yes, Beth it IS normal. I think your brain has to deconstruct English, delete a bunch of vocabulary, and throw out a bunch of grammar rules in order to make room for another language. But don’t worry, it will come together…eventually! : ) Jen

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