speaking of tricycles

Strangely enough I learned the word for “tricycle” yesterday for Module
2, day 9. It sounds like “saam-law” with a rising tone for the first
syllable and a high tone for the second syllable. And if you didn’t
know already, “tuk tuk” (high tone for each syllable) is a motor
tricycle. Just thought I’d share that.

One of my favourite words (that’s not altogether useful but is easy to
incorporate into your daily speech, and is quite appropriate to do so)
sounds like “luh” (with a rising tone). It basically means “do I
understand you correctly? Is that what you said?” So if you’re
conversing with someone and you can’t believe what they just said
(because the story is so outrageous, or they found a really good deal
in Bangkok or you’re just astounded) then throw in a “luh”(rising tone)
in there and you’re all set. Or you repeat what you think you heard
and put it at the end and make sure you have a good facial expression
that fits with the “luh”(rising tone). It’s kind of fun.

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