gang fight on the subway

Okay, I’m exaggerating – I doubt it was a gang fight. But the fact that my friend, who so kindly (thanks K) dropped me off at the Islington subway station, had said that she feared riding the subway in Toronto because of getting caught in the middle of a gang fight, I had to say that. Here’s what happened…. Actually I’m not really even sure what happened. I got on the subway at Islington and had piled my plethera of various bags beside me and on my lap and then I noticed there was a commotion on the DWA (“designated waiting area” as the TTC so nicely refers to it). Some guys ran from the stopped subway, up the stairs and then some uniformed guy (police guy or TTC employee) ran after him. I really don’t know what it was about – I think that guy just stole something. Gang fights indeed…

One thought on “gang fight on the subway

  1. DanJo says:

    In contrast: It was evening twilight as we ‘walked’ across town. Suddenly, a ‘commotion’ on the ‘grass’ caught my eye. A large grey hare bolted in front of us and galloped down the street in front of us. A smaller, wild pussy cat (aka ‘old Tom’) was hot on his trail. We don’t know what happened, but we are safe.

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