random findings

I discovered this last week, at work, that one of the cds in the stereo (rotating through about 5 cds) is a Christian cd. How odd!! But at the same time a nice relief for me. As I was listening one song was about ‘surrendering all to God’ and ‘living life as a sacrifice for God.’ Another one was about a woman praying for her future husband and saving herself for him. Another one was all about how Jesus saved this guy who’d been driving drunk. And there was another one that was explaining how the wine is the blood of Jesus and how the bread represents the body of Jesus.

What a strange and random finding at a secular, materialistic store. What a blessing from God at the same time. I have a few theories as to how it happened, but really I think that the Lord knew that I needed a pick me up this week. Thanks God!

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  1. rirwin says:

    Hi Squeth… I had to make myself a blog to send a comment.. so now I have a BLOG but I don’t know what to do with it.. even Alex doesn’t have a blog!! love R

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