100km wind

I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things that have happened to me lately and I continue to be blown away by the Lord and all that He’s doing in my life and around me. When I fully deserve wrath, He reminds me of His grace, forgiveness and debt that He paid for me. When I think that I’m nothing really special, He reminds me that He created me for a purpose, exactly as He made me and that He has given me specific gifts and a specific personality for a reason. He values me and shows me that I’m valued by the One who matters the most. He provides for me in ways that I never expect, and for things that I may’ve never even realized was a need in my life.

I stand in awe and adoration of you God and I’m truly thankful. Truly blown off my feet by You, the Rock of my salvation. Thank you.

One thought on “100km wind

  1. rirwin says:

    hi Squeth ..I am so glad to find your blog and figure out how to leave a comment that I can’t remember what I am commenting on..I am so happy for you that plans are working out for June. Love and prayers from Aunt Rosi

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