slush in the face on the walk of life

Recently I was in Toronto and spotted a man in an electric scooter/wheelchair kind of contraption. That wasn’t the unusual thing. There was a ton of freshly fallen snow and he was on a very busy street, slowly moving against traffic, along the side of the road! As much as cars, buses and taxis were switching lanes so they wouldn’t hit him, I’m sure he got sprayed with slush. His situation made me think a little bit about spiritual warfare. This man had a mission: getting home from the grocery store (did I mention the bags his scooter was loaded down with?). The sidewalks weren’t clear from snow and were tricky enough for me to walk on, and his alternate route on the road was dangerous. He could’ve gotten discouraged by the snow, slush, on-coming traffic, or his slow moving scooter, but still he plodded on.

Satan doesn’t let us do things for God easily. He’s out there to discourage, disrupt, and cause confusion. But as powerful as Satan may seem, we can take comfort in the fact that God is more powerful and that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. The battle has already been won. But sometimes you may get slush in the face.

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